Welcome to the LTC Global Family

We are an interconnected network of life and senior market health insurance distributors and financial services providers, focused on helping you help your business and your customers.

How it All Started

Everyone’s got a story to tell. Including us.


LTC Global was founded in 2002 by a team of Long Term Care insurance veterans and actuarial experts. The goal was — and still is — to provide strategic management and financial resources to agencies and agents in the life and health insurance and reinsurance industry. What started as a consultancy quickly grew to acquiring and managing agencies directly.


Following successful capital raising efforts, LTC Global began providing capital resources — specifically, purchasing renewal commission assets for cash — to insurance agents and agencies, realizing that this can often be the best way to help serve the market.


LTC Global acquired Kanawha's long term care marketing division in Fort Myers, Florida. The Fort Myers team has become the hub of agent support operations for all LTC Global companies.

2007 to 2009

LTC Global acquired several more insurance agencies throughout the country, including United Insurance Group Agency, Inc. (UIG), a national distributor of Medicare and other senior health insurance products.


We entered the life insurance distribution business by acquiring Pacific Southwest Financial & Insurance Services, Inc., a Capitas agency that specializes in life insurance solutions for high net worth clients. Since that time, we have acquired three more Capitas agencies and have grown the business to approximately $30 million in target premium per year.


We began to support internal call centers that distribute medicare insurance products and have now become a leading distributor of Medicare insurance products. We have since expanded our offerings to include executive benefits and BOLI as well as disability income insurance.


We are the largest distributor of Long Term Care insurance and rank among the market leaders in the life and health insurance distribution market.

We are Not Like Anyone Else



We have top contracts with the leading life and health insurance carriers and can offer top compensation to our agents and brokers. UIG operates one of the few existing career Medicare agencies.


Leads and Appointments

We use a multi-channel approach to generating leads for our agents and brokers. Our call center sets appointments for our career Medicare agents.



Our worksite team handles cases on a national basis for many Fortune 500 employers.



We provide cash — up front — through renewal commission purchases, commission heaping and other financing arrangements. We can help you grow, expand, or take your business in a different direction with the cash you need now.


Commitment to Your Success

LTC Global management includes some of the most respected names in the life and health insurance industry. We are committed to ensuring that we treat every agent with integrity and respect with the aim of getting you what you need when you need it.

Our Team

Daniel G. Schmedlen, Jr.

Mr. Schmedlen has served as LTC Global’s Chief Executive Officer since March 2015. Mr. Schmedlen served as LTC Global’s General Counsel from 2007 to March 2015 and managed all of the company’s acquisitions and financing transactions during that time period. Prior to joining LTC Global, Mr. Schmedlen was a partner in the New York City office of Nixon Peabody LLP. Before that, Mr. Schmedlen was a partner in the New York City office of Lord Bissell & Brook LLP (now Locke Lord LLP). While in private practice, Mr. Schmedlen began working with LTC Global in 2004. Mr. Schmedlen holds a B.A. from Yale University and a J.D., cum laude, from Washington & Lee University School of Law, where he was Securities Editor of the Law Review.

Sukhjit Bassi

Mr. Bassi has served as LTC Global’s Chief Operating Officer since March 2015. Mr. Bassi has worked in various capacities for LTC Global since 2003, including Chief Operating Officer of LTC Global Marketing from 2013 to 2014 and Chief Information Officer of LTC Global prior to that. Mr. Bassi has over 23 years of experience in the Insurance, Marketing, Pharmaceutical and Bio Tech industries. Mr. Bassi has also led a technology consulting practice since 1997 and has advised major companies in North America and Asia. Mr. Bassi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Punjabi University, India.

David A. Yost

Mr. Yost has served as LTC Global’s Chief Financial Officer since 2011. Mr. Yost joined LTC Global as Controller in 2004. Previously, Mr. Yost was Chief Financial Officer of Raybor Management, Inc. and before that was Controller of a Danaher Corporation subsidiary. Mr. Yost holds a BBA from Western Michigan University and an MBA from Webster University. Mr. Yost is a licensed CPA and CMA.

Nickie Cheney

Ms. Cheney joined LTC Global in March of 2018 as General Counsel. Prior to joining LTC Global, Ms. Cheney was a Partner at DLA Piper LLP (US) where she represented clients with respect to mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and general corporate matters. Ms. Cheney holds a B.S.B.A. from Georgetown University and a J.D. from Vanderbilt University Law School, where she was a member of the Vanderbilt Law Review.

Mark S. Dinsmore

LTC Global’s Chief Strategy Officer, Director and co-founder, Mr. Dinsmore developed and implemented the commission purchase program for LTC Global in 2003. Mr. Dinsmore has overseen commission and agency purchases, marketing, IT, operations and agencies in various roles at LTC Global since 2002. He has been a Fellow in the Society of Actuaries since 1997. Mr. Dinsmore holds a B.A. and an M.S. in Physics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Eric W. Anderson

LTC Global’s Chief Research Officer, Director and co-founder, Mr. Anderson designed, implemented and managed LTC Global’s original information technology infrastructure, software and communication systems. He also worked extensively on commissions data and systems and reorganized operations for LTC Global’s marketing companies. Prior to LTC Global, Mr. Anderson worked as a technology consultant with clients throughout the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Mr. Anderson holds a B.A. in Business Administration with concentrations in Tax Accounting, Operations Management and Management Information Systems from the University of Washington.

Steven A. Hensley

Mr. Hensley is LTC Global’s Chief Administrative Officer and Designated Responsible Licensed Producer. Mr. Hensley joined LTC Global in 2008 and is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day administration of LTC Global’s operations and ensuring that LTC Global remains in compliance with law and regulations applicable to LTC Global’s business. Mr. Hensley holds a Texas resident insurance producer’s license and non-resident insurance producer licenses in all other states, including the District of Columbia. Mr. Hensley holds a B.M. from Indiana University and a M.M. from the Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University.

Paul B. Richardson

Mr. Richardson joined LTC Global in March 2019 as Senior Vice President – Capital Markets. Prior to joining LTC Global, Mr. Richardson was a Managing Director at KeyBanc Capital Markets where he managed asset-backed securitizations for issuer clients including LTC Global. Previously, Mr. Richardson held similar positions at BB&T Capital Markets, Nomura Securities, ING and Prudential Securities. Mr. Richardson holds an A.B. from Princeton University.

Robin Cunningham, PhD, FSA

Robin Cunningham rejoined LTC Global as an Actuary in 2023 after spending numerous years as a professor teaching mathematics, actuarial science and data science. Prior to originally joining LTC Global in 2004, Dr. Cunningham worked as an Investment and Asset Liability Management actuary at multiple life and annuity insurance companies as well as in long term care. Dr. Cunningham is a Fellow in the Society of Actuaries and co-author of an actuarial science textbook. Dr. Cunningham holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Michigan.

Allison Brinkert

LTC Global’s Vice President and Director of Financial Analytics, Ms. Brinkert joined LTC Global in 2014 and is responsible for managing the quantitative team, including portfolio data management, analysis and process improvement. Ms. Brinkert holds a B.S. in Finance and an M.S. in Accounting and Taxation from Florida Gulf Coast University.

Michael T. Rauch

LTC Global’s Risk Manager, Director and co-founder, Mr. Rauch is responsible for managing pricing, valuation and hedging strategies, as well as formulating and reviewing operational and financial risk management policies and reporting. Mr. Rauch worked extensively on LTC Global’s earliest large transactions in a valuation and due diligence role. Among other positions, he previously worked at GE Capital, in actuarial, marketing and risk management and at Hewitt Associates, consulting primarily on non-pension post-retirement benefits. Mr. Rauch has been a Fellow in the Society of Actuaries since 2000 and received undergraduate degrees in Statistics and Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of California, Berkeley.

Deborah Skiff

Chief Executive Officer of LTC Global’s subsidiary United Insurance Group Agency, Inc., Ms. Skiff has held a number of marketing-oriented positions for LTC Global. Before taking her current position, Skiff was President of FPS Insurance Agency. She has previously held leadership positions with several companies ranging from emerging start-ups to global conglomerates. She has more than 20 years of experience in insurance, marketing and banking, with companies such as Philips Healthcare, Genworth Financial, Brightware, Société Générale and HSBC. Ms. Skiff holds a B.A. in economics from the University of California, Berkeley and an MBA from London Business School.

The LTC Global Ecosystem

Our extensive network sets us apart.


We Power a Better Insurance Industry

Over the last 20 years we have built a network of agencies and agents that makes LTC Global one of the largest brain trusts in the life and health insurance industry. If you have a challenge, we can develop a solution.

Insurance is complex and often unwieldy. Whether you're a carrier, an agent, or an agency the insurance industry can seem like a bureaucratic maze with no exit. But we have spent enough time working with our carrier and distribution partners to make it surprisingly straightforward. So let us simplify so you can get back to your business—and back to your life. Insurance. Finance. Smarter. We are LTC Global.